Live! Case Studies

Sytner Mercedes-Benz

Michelle Mirfin, HR manager at Sytner’s Mercedes-Benz division, said: ‘One of Sytner’s team philosophies is to embrace diversity and inclusivity.

“So to be able to incorporate the InterpretersLive! service within our Sytner Mercedes-Benz dealerships further supports our local deaf communities.

‘The platform is easy for our staff and customers to use and removes communication barriers by enabling them to communicate in person straight away.

‘It means we can fully support our deaf customers and provide them with the best experience possible.”

Virgin Media

“Virgin Media introduced Video Relay back in April 2014 and it has provided our most vulnerable customer with another accessible route to contact our frontline teams. I found the implementation of this service really easy and the guys from Sign Solutions were on hand to support every step of the way.

Popularity and usage of this service has increased over time and it is really easy to increase and decrease our minutes package to meet demand, so that we are not paying for minutes that are not being used and simply adapts to the needs of the business.

I have had a really positive experience using and working with this company and long may our relationship continue.”


“InterpretersLive! have provided Three with a new method of access to our customers via BSL translators. Their excellent quality and service and speed of response has seen our Video Relay service become more popular with our growing customer base.

We’ve found Sign Solutions to be supportive and engaging, providing feedback and information to us that they feel would be of benefit to improving our service contact points.”

Bayleys of Bromsgrove

Bayleys of Bromsgrove had their first Deaf customers back in May 2019, who used the InterpretersLive! BSL video interpreting service to order.
Jack Bayley, the owner of Bayleys of Bromsgrove stated “two customers came in today to order two drinks and asked to use InterpretersLive! so I opened the app and an Interpreter immediately answered. It was really easy to use and the order ran really smoothly. The customers were very happy with their experience here. It was great to be able to communicate.”

Isle of Man Government

“I witnessed an incident that proves beyond all doubt the power of this system.

A deaf patient was in Nobles as an outpatient and the consultant was trying to tell her she should have a particular operation. The patient was trying to tell the consultant, she categorically didn’t want the operation in question. They weren’t getting anywhere other than hotter and hotter under the collar due to the communication barrier. Then they called upon the nearest iPad with video translation

Within 60 seconds, we were connected to an interpreter and the situation was resolved entirely to the satisfaction of both parties. The consultant knew exactly what the patient wanted and the patient left happy in knowing she had made herself perfectly understood”

City of York Council

“City of York Council introduced video relay during July 2017. For the first time ever, customers who communicate using BSL can now access our services in the comfort of their own home or, by visiting our customer centre without booking an appointment. One customer was over the moon that we offered this service and, at a recent launch event, members of our Deaf community shared their excitement about the facility and, acknowledged how this service could benefit them.

I found the project implementation quick and easy. I am pleased to say we had no issues to resolve. Our technical expert said, “SignSolutions were a dream to work with”.

We look forward to working with SignSolutions to expand the use of the service to people who work with some of our most vulnerable customers in their homes or, out in the community. We will also be exploring the use of video relay via access to work for staff who communicate using BSL.”

Conwy County Borough Council

“Conwy County Borough Council started a 12 month pilot with InterpretersLive! in December 2018. Sign solutions provided excellent support during the set up phase, which all went smoothly. We had quick responses to any query and they were more than willing to work with us to ensure that all information was available in Welsh as well as English and BSL. It’s great that we can now communicate either through our web, the app, skype, or face-to-face at our receptions.

The feedback from the Deaf community has been fantastic – it’s a significant shift to be able to communicate immediately rather than wait and book an interpreter, and calls are always answered promptly by Interpreters live! We’re also excited about rolling out the bilingual e learning modules to staff so that we can raise Deaf awareness and introduce staff to some commonly used BSL words.”


“Since introducing the InterpretersLive! service in November we have been able to speak to our Deaf customers via the video interpreter which has meant we are able to offer additional services to our customers.

Our agent thought the service was easy to use and was glad they are now able to help all our Deaf customers in this way.”

– Ash Roberts, Safeguarding Lead, Customer Experience Strategy