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Our Video Interpreting Service includes a Video Relay Service (VRS) and a Video Remote Interpreter (VRI) and is an on-demand service of real-time access to qualified and registered British Sign Language Interpreters. There are numerous benefits to this service. It enables an increase in general availability of people and services; the removal of unexpected delays and their consequences; a drastic reduction in the overall interpreting cost, and a reduction in our carbon footprint due to no travel being necessary.

The flexible monthly bundles of minutes, and low set up fee, enable Deaf people to make calls to third parties, communicate in meetings and appointments, as well as enabling hearing people to call Deaf clients.

Our service offers the benefits of both quality and clarity; it has the ability to conduct video calls through our high speed connections. Our interpreting is furthermore delivered using point to point encryption. We are capable of delivering Sign Language (including BSL and ASL) remotely to anywhere in the world.

The video connection includes an instant text chat facility, which delivers live text as it is typed, according to the T.140 standard, to support the video conversation.

The system will work on a low broadband speed of 1MB; it will adjust to a range of internet speeds in order to achieve the best quality picture and sound.

In our service provision, we endeavour to create maximum ease and comfort for the recipient – in this case, the Deaf person.

For organisations implementing the service, we provide full contract implementation and ongoing support for all. We further support this by offering our pioneering Deaf Awareness via e-learning training, to ensure all parties to the calls are Deaf Aware to maximise the success of the video calls.

The video platform that we utilise is already used widely by the deaf community here in the UK and worldwide.

There is no need for a software download and it is compatible with a wide range of browsers and most video-enabled devices including iPhones and iPads.

The system can also deliver video conference calls for up to 9 participants; this would be particularly useful when multiple participants are required, all of whom are geographically placed apart and some of whom are Deaf.

The secure environment established by this point to point encrypted system, our ISO 27001 accreditation and DBS cleared, Registered Interpreters who abide by the NRCPD code of conduct, ensure confidentiality, professionalism and the highest quality for each video session.

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