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Translation is a carefully prepared and considered piece of work.

  • A 'for information' translation, also known as a 'sight translation', is an accurate but unpolished piece of written translation that is produced in-house using standard PC software and printing techniques. Sight translation is suitable for letters or information that is intended for personal or internal use only, such as an explanation of a leaflet to court/tribunal judgements or a translation of meeting minutes.
  • A 'publication translation' requires a much higher standard of preparation, accuracy and quality. The final product will reflect the style/image of the source material and of your company/product. Publication translations are required for any documents which require the portrayal of a professional image. Examples include website pages, brochures, leaflets, consultation documents and product instructions.
  • You may wish to have your document or text proof-read by a second translator. This is recommended for technical documents, legal documents, or documents intended for publication or widespread viewing such as web pages.
  • Interpreting is a live and spontaneous spoken rendition from one language to another.
  • 'Consecutive interpreting' is the most widely used form of interpreting, whereby the interpreter listens to the speaker, waits until they have finished their sentence, and then begins interpreting into the target language.
  • 'Simultaneous interpreting' is recommended where there are a number of people speaking different languages; the interpreters work simultaneously, often in small teams and usually in sound-proofed booths.
  • 'Whispered interpreting' involves an interpreter simultaneously whispering their interpretation to the listener whilst seated next to or behind them.
We provide experienced, registered and qualified (NRPSI/DPSI) interpreters in a vast range of languages and dialects. With quick access to local interpreters in a vast range of settings and locations, we are fiercely proud of our on-demand communication services.

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