Become an Accessible Organisation

Expand your business reach

Is your organisation accessible to Deaf people?

A (VRS) video relay service InterpretersLive! link on the ‘contact us’ part of your website, allows Deaf people to make calls direct to your main telephone contact numbers.

You can conduct a regular telephone call through a qualified British Sign Language video interpreter and you only pay per minute for the call.

A (VRI) video relay interpreting InterpretersLive! service enables you to utilise any tablet, phone or computer with a camera and sound, to have an instant BSL interpreted conversation with a Deaf visitor to your premises.

InterpretersLive! for your website

Enable Deaf people to contact your organisation over the phone via a BSL video interpreter and increase your accessibility.

InterpretersLive! within your organisation

Enable Deaf people to communicate with your staff in-person straight away and improve your visitors' experience.

InterpretersLive! within retail

Retail stores offer Interpreterslive! within their shops and cafes, just look out for the Interpreterslive! sticker to see if your favourite store is participating. Making the high street more accessible is part of the Purple Tuesday campaign as retailers who are not accessible to disabled customers, could be missing out of their spending power namely the ‘Purple Pound’ and it is a legal requirement to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to meet the Equalities Act 2010.

InterpretersLive! for NHS Organisations

NHS organisations have chosen the high quality, secure and reliable  InterpretersLive!  to ensure that their healthcare services are accessible to Deaf patients in a secure and equal way.

Organisations can choose a VRS (Video Relay Service) for their website and/or VRI (Video Interpreting Service) for within their organisations, so that patients can communicate with NHS staff in person or remotely from the comfort of their own home.

Our Interpreterslive! video relay service, enables patients to contact a contracted NHS organisation, over the phone, instantly via an NRCPD registered, qualified British Sign Language interpreter and all NHS staff do Is answer the phone call. Patients can make appointments, cancel appointments, speak to their doctor or get advice/support in their first of preferred language of BSL..

Our Interpreterslive! video remote interpreting service can be used on-demand to enable patients to communicate with staff for emergent or ad hoc requirements such presenting at A&E. NHS staff use any mobile device or computer to connect to a waiting NRCPD qualified BSL Interpreter.

InterpretersLive! for your local council​

Local councils are required by the Equality Act 2010 to ensure that they do not discriminate in the delivery of goods and services.  Further, the Public Sector Equality Duty requires the Council to advance equality of opportunity ensuring that they can communicate with customers clearly and offer a more efficient service which is able to meet the needs of and safeguard our most vulnerable residents.

Many councils have chosen to ensure that their local services are accessible to Deaf residents and can be accessed via a link to the Interpreterslive! service on the council’s website and also when they visit customers services at the council building, leisure centres, libraries and tourism offices. Therefore local residents have the flexibility to communicate and access services as and when they need to. The addition of the Interpreterslive! service to your website also helps make your website more accessible and therefore increases your website accessibility rating.

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