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Sign Solutions Asks Customers for Feedback Using Ground-Breaking New App

Sign Solutions, a leading language and learning company based in Birmingham, specialising in interpretation support for deaf people, has cemented its commitment to quality by adopting a revolutionary customer feedback app.

The app, called ‘HowDidWeDo?’, provides instant feedback by rating a variety of different aspects of the service, including the quality of services offered by Sign Solutions, with comments and the ability to upload photos to support their ratings.

The feedback received is shared instantly with the management team, so that comments can be passed on to staff, and calls for improvement can be acted on immediately.

Clare Vale FCCA, Managing Director of Sign Solutions, said: The ‘HowDidWeDo?’ team were responsive and quick to react to our initial enquiry, they tailored the system to ensure that feedback could be provided separately for all the services we offer to help organisations to communicate with deaf customers, patients and employees.

“The dashboard is very well laid out and enables us to see at a distance all the feedback responses we have had. We look forward to using this app to continually improve and develop our services in line with our ISO9001 accreditation, so customer satisfaction continues to increase.”

Tony Stein, who devised the app, said: “Customer feedback is vital in every sector and Sign Solutions understands this. The App is supporting and enhancing customer service with the ability to respond contemporaneously if necessary.

“The App has already received a very positive response from the care sector and has now begun to branch into other industries, including dentists, hotels, pubs and hair salons.”

The HowDidWeDo? app is available from the App Store for iPhones and iPads and the Google Play Store for Android phones and tablets. It is free to download.

See the full case study on their website by following this link: