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Equal Approach Establishes Partnership with Sign Solutions

Sign Solutions
Sign Solutions is a language and learning company, offering innovative communication services across the UK.

Sign Solutions is a, offering innovative communication services across the UK.

Inclusive Recruitment agency and Diversity Consultancy Equal Approach has partnered with language and learning company Sign Solutions in a partnership which has the potential to support the expansion of both organisations’ service delivery.


Equal Approach is a leading inclusive recruiter and diversity consultancy, supporting organisations to attract, recruit, recognise, retain and promote diverse talent, and make workplaces more inclusive. Equal Approach has partnered with Sign Solutions in order to enhance their accessibility for individuals who are Deaf or Hard  of Hearing, having a recognised partner in this space will allow them to seamlessly deliver reasonable adjustments in the recruitment process and when delivering training, consultancy and assessment events.


Working with a variety of organisations and individuals, Sign Solutions are well positioned to refer organisations looking to embed inclusive practices and recruit inclusively to Equal Approach, and will also support Equal Approach's Diversity Partnerships programme, by referring individuals who are Deaf or Hard  of Hearing  and who are seeking new opportunities to their inclusive recruitment team.


Equal Approach offers a variety of diversity and inclusion solutions, including inclusive recruitment, diversity consultancy and diversity and inclusion training across all strands. They work alongside their clients, to tailor their diversity and inclusion solutions to fit their organisations’ specific individual requirements, in order to ensure that they can support them to achieve their objectives.