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EE becomes first network to partner with Action on Hearing Loss to provide the best support for deaf customers

EE, the UK’s largest mobile operator, is teaming up with the UK’s leading hearing loss charity, Action on Hearing Loss, to provide mobile plans and the UK’s best customer service to those who are deaf or have hearing loss.

Currently, over 11 million people (one in every six) are living with some form of hearing loss, and as many of these people prefer visual forms of communication such as SMS and video calls, over traditional voice services, EE has provided mobile plans that reflect this.

EE has worked closely with AoHL to offer services that better align with how customers with hearing loss prefer to communicate. The £10 Data Pack available through Action on Hearing Loss provides customers with 2GB data and unlimited texts every 30 days, and will be offered alongside devices with range of accessibility features, from the likes of Doro and PowerTel. Customers will also enjoy all the other benefits that come with EE’s pay as you go packs, such as a 500MB Free Data Boost every three months and data rollover.

To offer the best service in the UK to customers living with hearing loss, EE also worked with Action on Hearing Loss to conduct a thorough assessment of its call centres and develop best practices for supporting customers with hearing loss. These include the use of the Next Generation Text (NGT) text relay service, and a sign language Interpreting service for British Sign Language users.

Customers who inform EE of a disability can receive additional support from EE’s dedicated Customer Disability Team, who have received specialist training to help them deal with a wide range of customer disabilities. EE was also the first network to launch Enhanced High Definition Voice, which allows anyone with a compatible device to enjoy improved sound quality during phone calls.

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