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Case study: providing one-off services for our clients

Last month, we were contacted by one of our Deaf clients who regularly uses our InterpretersLive! video relay service to communicate with her mobile operator. The client found the video relay so quick, enjoyable and user-friendly that she asked if she was able to contact other organisations using the service.

The client needed to contact her insurance company to discuss her motor insurance. This would usually mean setting up a face-to-face appointment with the insurance company and taking a friend or family member with her to interpret the conversation. This is clearly very time-consuming and a real inconvenience if the client needs to talk to the insurance company on a number of occasions.

Our dedicated team set about getting in touch with the insurance company to explain the situation, giving them a background into our service and checking if they would be happy to fund the cost of the call. The insurance company agreed and the call – which lasted approximately 15 minutes – was set up. The Deaf client was extremely pleased as this had saved her the hassle of making an appointment and waiting for a relative to be available to accompany her.

Using the service, the client was able to connect to a fully qualified interpreter via an online video link, which is accessed by desktop, tablet or smartphone. The interpreter then relayed the conversation between the insurance company’s advice team and the client.

Our CEO, Sean, says: “Prior to using our service, our client has had to go to a lot of trouble to speak to an organisation. With our video relay service however, she is able to contact a customer service operator at just the click of a button.

“We’re seeing a growing number of our Deaf clients enquire about which organisations offer our video relay service and businesses are subsequently realising that there is a strong demand that exists. After all, there are around 130,000 profoundly Deaf people in the UK and if we include those that are affected in some way by hearing loss then this constitutes around one in eight of the UK’s population.”

Commenting on the service, the client says: “Sign Solutions’ video relay service has made it so much easier to get in touch with my mobile operator and now I’ve been able to communicate with my insurance company. I think it’s so important that more businesses take up this service and make communication easier for Deaf people wanting to go about their daily lives.”

If you’re a business and interested in finding out more about our video relay service, visit or call 0843 178 0783.