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HEAD OFFICE InterpretersLive, Rectory Court, Old Rectory Lane , Alvechurch, Birmingham B48 7SX

Offer instant one-to-one communication for deaf clients

Improve the availability of services to Deaf people, when scheduling meetings and personal appointments. No need pre book the interpreter in advance, we offer an on demand service.

A sign language interpreter on demand for deaf employees

Equal access to all meetings and conversations taking place at work. The cost is met through your Access to Work budget and your employer is fulfilling the requirements of the Equalities act 2010.

Expand your business reach

A link on the ‘contact us ‘part of your website, allows Deaf people to make calls direct to your customer contact centre. You can conduct a regular telephone call through a qualified sign language interpreter and you only pay per minute for the call.

Welcome to Interpreters Live provided by Sign Solutions

A superb innovation in video interpreting, offering more effective communication for your business


  • Get, spontaneous access to communication, with the InterpretersLive! service provided by Sign Solutions
  • Get instant access to a sign language interpreter, through the Interpreters Live video link
  • Give new Deaf customers access to your products/services and expand your customer base instantly
  • Save on travel costs and reduce your carbon footprint by sourcing Interpreters from one remote location
  • Fulfil the obligations of the Equalities Act 2010 and make your website accessible to the level of 3AAA's, World Wide Web Consortium, (W3C)
  • Access an interpreter from anywhere in the UK, through a PC or using the Interpreters Live smart phone and tablet app

Sign Solutions UK is a nationwide specialist provider of interpreting, training and other language services for businesses, individuals, medical and legal domains. Founded in 1998 as the first independent provider of BSL Interpreting services, Sign Solutions has become a renowned and influential centre for the UK Deaf community and the most experienced BSL Interpreters and tutors.


Latest News

Sign Solutions providers of InterpretersLive! are now ISO27001 accredited

Sign Solutions are delighted to gain the ISO 27001 accreditation. This will reassure all of our clients that all data is processed and held securely.


Ombudsman Services teams up with Sign Solutions to provide the on-line BSL service InterpretersLive!

Ombudsman Services and Sign Solutions announced today that Ombudsman Services has introduced an interpretation service that enables people who are dea


"I think the service is excellent"

Urmila Sudra
HM Magistrates' Court Service

"Great company, great service"

John Smith
Smith Associates

"I work with a great team of people who are committed to providing an excellent high calibre service to all their individual clients"

Lucy David
CSW/Project Manager

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